Bar Necklace

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This necklace comes with a Customizable Vertical Bar pendant. It's finished with a solid polished black color.

Color: Polished Black

Material: Durable and corrosion-resistant 316L Stainless steel coated in Black. It's hypoallergenic, so don't worry!

Size: The necklace comes with a standard 55cm chain but the chain can be changed to other lengths. You can purchase extra chains in 65cm or 55cm here: Extra chains

The pendant size comes with a 6mm width x 50mm length. You can order extra pendant here: Extra pendants

Quality: Your necklace is made of 316L Stainless steel. It's durable and made for high-stress conditions.

Water-resistant: Dive in! Your necklace is made from corrosion-resistant 316L stainless steel.

Unisex: Fits for both Men and Women.